Duration: 2 months

This course covers the AutoCAD commands necessary to create, edit and plot a drawing. Fundamental concepts of creating, editing, dimensioning, viewing, managing and plotting two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawings will be covered.

This course is designed to bring the drafter, designer, engineer or new user to a productive level of experience. It is an appropriate course of all design disciplines and for individuals who edit, view or work with others that create design content.


  1. Launching AutoCAD
  2. AutoCAD menus,
  3. User interface
  4. Screen layout
  5. Drawing setup procedures
  6. Function keys
  7. Basic 2D and 3D drawing creation commands
  8. File management commands
  9. Setting drawing precision
  10. Coordinate input systems
  11. Editing commands and features
  12. Setting and using layers
  13. Inquiring about drawing information
  14. Introduction to block creation
  15. Hatching
  16. Introduction to dimensioning techniques
  17. Working with 3D Drawing
  18. Drawing template creation
  19. Object snaps
  20. Display manipulation commands for object viewing
  21. Basic editing techniques
  22. Text annotation creation and usage
  23. Basic plotting techniques in model space and with paper space layouts
  24. Page setups and plot style tables


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